These ancient Yua or shell money was carved out from clam shell “Tridacna Gigas”; using a complicated grinding technique involving a sand and bamboo grinder; before being polished for use. These Yuas are still being used as currency in bride price payments, settling dispute etc. These tradition currencies are used by people from the Wewak Islands to as far Prince Alexandra mountain range and the Abelam region in Maprik.

The value of these ancient currencies depends on the region where it's used. For instant the larger size Yuas are valued higher up at Abelam and Prince Alexandra mountain range, where as the smaller size Yuas are valued higher as you head towards the coast and Wewak Islands.

 The Yuas listed below was collected along the Prince Alexandra mountain range in the 1970s. These Yuas are dated back to the late 18 century or early 19 century.9 century.