In one of our visit back to Papua New Guinea recently, we developed interest in buying Arts and Crafts from village people in rural Papua New Guinea. We believe by doing this type of commerce, ordinary Papua New Guinean tribal man indirectly benefits by participating in the global economy. We have full stock of Papua New Guinean Baskets, Bags and Bilums, PNG organic coffee and many more PNG products soon to be listed.

The arts and artifacts we have in our inventory are mainly from Papua New Guinea, however few others are from different parts of the world collected during our travel.

We are constantly hunting for new and exciting treasures to add to our inventory

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PNG Bilums
Bilum is a Papua New Guinean pidgin word for string bag.Bilums are hand made through complex looping technique in Papua New Guinea especially by women. Different provinces have their own style of making bilums.
Traditional tree barks are extracted and undergo several processes to make strings to weave bilums.However today cottons are frequently used to make bilums to save time and effort. Bilums have wide range of uses, from shopping, storing and carrying personal items or even for wall decoration in the house.
Museum quality Artifacts primarily from Papua New Guinea. Most of these Artifacts from remote areas of Papua New Guinea which has been passed down through the clan, while others arts was collected. These authentic arts have passed the test of time within the culture
where its been used. From utilitarian objects such as shell money, necklaces and ceremonial and ritually used items as figures and masks. It is when the local and Western aesthetic notions of quality, utility, clarity, power and elegance meet that one separates the art from the artifact. We are constantly hunting for new and exciting treasures to add in our inventory
PNG Baskets
Baskets are woven in different styles and shapes and it differs from province to province. The material used to weave baskets likewise is different for each provinces.
The two types of baskets we have in stock come from Sepik and Manus provinces. Sepik basket is weaved out from a grass that grows along the banks of the mighty Sepik river and the Manus basket is weaved out 
from a tree bark.
Baskets like bilums can be use for shopping, storing and carrying personal items.